We are a project focused Foundation.  We do not provide operating funds to any organization. If you have a project/program that fits our appetite, please take our short qualifying quiz.  Once you’ve done that and qualify, you must:

  • Complete our on-line Application,
  • Upload your current IRS Tax Exemption Approval letter (you must be a 501(c)3 organization),   
  • Upload your latest filed Form 990 (within the previous twelve months), If you use Form 940 EZ, we need additional information: the total amount that you spent on Program Services, Management, and Fund Raising in the last year.
  • Upload your current (within the past twelve months) audited financial statement.


You do not have to complete the Application all at once.  You may log back into our website and complete it at a later date.  However, if you do not complete your Application within 90 days, it will be closed and you will need to start the process again.  Your Application will be considered only if all questions are answered.


During the year, our Pre-Qualification Committee looks at each Application and evaluates it.  If they have questions about your submission, they will contact you for additional information.  Once reviewed, the Committee will make their recommendation to our Board of Directors with consideration to how it compares to the other requests we’ve received and the amount of funds we have available to gift.  Generally our Board approves grants in the Spring and late Fall. 


We receive many requests for funds and each is reviewed with care.  Some of the things we look at are:

  • What is the purpose of the request?
  • How does this project/program fit into your overall mission?
  • How will the project affect your community/what public impact will it have?
  • How much experience does your organization have in this type of work?
  • Is the request for a new project, or is this been an ongoing program?
  • What is the detailed budget for the project?
  • How does your budget compare to your total operating expenses?
  • Are your operating expenses in-line with your income?
  • What is your timetable for completing the project?
  • What are your goals/expectations for the project?
  • How will you measure project results?


If approved, we will notify you and send a Grant Agreement.  The Agreement contains the terms for the Grant and a requirement that you report the results of your project back to us annually, whether the grant is made for one year or multiple years.


The Robert & Toni Bader Charitable Foundation reserves the right to decline any requests, change these guidelines without notice, or reduce any grant amounts in accordance with budgets, guidelines, or conflict of interest with the Foundation.

Eligibility quiz

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