What are the criteria for grants?

You must provide us with all of the information requested. Your financials must be current and you must answer all of the Application questions fully and provide a detailed budget for the project/program for which you are requesting funds.

We work with organizations that have projects or programs that are new to them, or ones that need support to become sustainable. We do not provide general operating funds.

How do we apply?

Take the Eligibility Quiz. If you qualify, you must upload a current audited financial statement or a current 990 form and your 501(c)3 certificate. If your organization uses the 990EZ form, you must also provide your expenses for Program Services, Management, and Fund Raising.

If you are eligible, you will receive an email asking you to complete the Application, providing answers to all the questions and including a detailed budget for the project/program for which you are requesting funds.

What are the Application deadlines?

The applications are reviewed regularly and accepted through September 30th for the current year.

When are the disbursements made?

The Board of Directors considers recommended applications on a bimonthly basis. Following approval, a Grant Agreement is sent to the organization setting out the details of the grant and reporting requirements.

How much is available?

We do not have minimums or maximums. The amount per approved applicant varies and is determined by the Board of Directors based on the total number of requests we consider and our available funds

What types of programs/projects are eligible for consideration?

The Robert & Toni Bader Charitable Foundation provides seed capital for projects/programs to further Jewish Ideals of improving the world through Science, Education, and the Arts.

About The Robert & Toni Bader Charitable Foundation

The RTBCF uses consistent methods to evaluate requests focusing on the following areas: quality, potential, community impact/public benefit, financial stability, and organizational management.

The RTBCF reserves the right to decline any requests, change guidelines without notice, or reduce any gift amounts in accordance with budgets, guidelines, or conflict of interest with the foundation.